“Not knowing anyone locally we called Lisa from another state regarding a move to California. On the phone she was very accommodating and professional. She stayed in touch with us as we moved across states and helped us navigate a tricky market (very different from the real estate market in Iowa). Once we were ready to buy a house she asked us first what we needed and listened showing us only houses in the area we wanted and in our price range; she NEVER tried to up us even knowing that we could afford more than what we considered our bottom line to be. She was very patient as we navigated through the culture shock of buying a home in California vs Iowa. She NEVER made us feel like “yokels”. Lisa will always be a treasured part of our move. I will always recommend (and have) Lisa with an open heart and respect.” Kat B.

“I met Lisa at an open house in the area I was looking for a home. She’s easy to get along with — not to mention friendly with a fun and sparkling personality — a selfless hard-worker, and is on top of her game. Never was there a moment where I doubted her advice, as she knew the locale and area like the back of her hand. In addition, she was made herself available to all of our e-mails, calls, and any showings for places I was curious about.

It was only a short period of time before we found a home that I fell in love with and the process was surprisingly smooth, uncomplicated, and understandable, especially for a first homeowner like me. She sat down with me, went through everything (which initially flew straight over my head, but she clarified everything). She provided advice on how to go about making an offer and eventually landed us a fantastic deal. Without her, I don’t think I’d be living in the dream home I live in today.”

An absolute pleasure to have her as an agent and highly recommend her services! Lisa is the best!” Albert K.

“Lisa is very professional and knowledgeable in the local real

estate market. She is extremely customer focused, never pushy, and always on-time. Lisa always puts my best interest as priority, and has helped my family on numerous real estate transactions in the past 3 years. It’s always a pleasure to work with Lisa.” Rose Y.

“Lisa helped my wife and I purchase our first home together. It was a rather though search as we were extremely picky clients with quite a list of requirements. With that said her services never

faltered. She went through the trouble of showing us many homes, and did so with much pleasure. After several months of searching Lisa helped us into our first property as a married couple. Honestly, she will be our agent for a long time to come. We look forward to “upgrading” to a bigger home in the near future and I assure you that Lisa will be part of that process.

Lisa also help me short sell a previous property that I had. She did so when other agents failed and the bank failed to modify my loan. I was pessimistic that she could get my condo since it failed to sell in the past. Sure enough I was wrong. She got my condo sold, and helped me to move on.” Sean M.

“Persuasive and good follow up. Excellent communication skills. My interested property was the foreclosure propery and we had to go through complicated processes. The bank listed the property at a low price and there was a bidding war. We lost the bidding initially. One week later, the bank got back to us because we put the cash. We got the property, but we got it “as is” Lisa followed every process with her patience and good communication skills. She called us almost every day for the updates and coordination. After the purchase, she arranged a very good contractor for fixing the home very cost effectively. The property was sold “as is” and it was risky. Lisa’s guidance during the purchase was critical for us. Without her helps, we could not have made the purchase.” Jin K.

“Lisa is the consummate professional. Friendly, knowledgable and hard working, you can count on her to take care of all details needed to secure a lease with a credible landlord. We moved into our apartment in January 2012 and plan to stay here until we look for a home to buy with Lisa. Couldn’t have been happier with our experience!” Julie S.

“Our experience with Lisa was wonderful!!!. We were strugling to find our 1st home for more than 6 months until we met Lisa. Since our first contact by phone until the closing of the escrow she was our super agent and mostly our friend that helped us to reach the dream of owning our very first and beautiful home. I will definitely recommend!!!” Jun K.

“We met Lisa at one of her open house event, and she became our buyer’s agent naturally. As first time home buyers, we didn’t know much about the market, so we went through quite a number of houses before purchasing ours. Lisa helped us walk through the process, and we were happy with her service.

She is professional, responsive, and best of all, very patient. She always returned our calls or emails within minutes, and never pushed us to things that we were not sure about. If she were still doing business in our neighborhood, we will choose her again as our agent.” Jay Z.